The Dream Team  Zaim Alam  [2]

Zaim Alam

Zaim AlamZaim alam, Photographer 

The young and energetic one of the Dremcatchers team. He can be easily recognized by the one who always runs around for shots and the one who talks a lot with the bride and groom. He has been in the Dreamcatchers team since its second year, and ever since then strived to bring new and innovative ideas into the field. 

He spends most of his free time researching and reading photography books, obsessed about lighting and getting the perfect picture and still always tries to find new and better ways to help with "making memories". 

Believes in "making memories" motto which means not just taking documentary or standard photos but actually taking photos which tells a story of the event and make the couples have a good and fun time. And that makes the photos more natural and hence a "memory". His thirst for knowledge and eager to learn attitude makes him try out unique and different things. Makes friends with just about anyone very easily, and quickly becomes everyone’s little brother by the end of the day. When you become family, it becomes easier to make a 'memory' :)