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Mahran Fadlullah

Mahran Fadlullah

Mahran Fadlullah, Founder and Senior Photographer

Mahran founded the Dreamcatchers with his brother Numair back in May 2009. He is the current power wheel of The Dreamcatchers team. From meeting clients, analyzing their tastes and preferences to taking photos- he does it all with a smile on his face! Always calm and collected amidst all the buzz and noise that take place in an event. 

Mahran has covered numerous weddings over the years. His favorite part is when he gets the couple all to himself for a while and gets to experience how they interact with each other away from friends and family. He gets to see how they truly are when they are alone together and it is incredible. It's just him and them sharing their first few moments as a married couple. It's something nobody else gets to see and for that he feels honored!

He also loves travelling and taking photos of different places and different cultures. 

His works: