The Dream Team  Mahi Anjum Lisa  [1]

Mahi Anjum Lisa

Mahi Anjum Lisa

Mahi Anjum Lisa, Intern Photographer

The first and youngest girl to join the Dreamcatchers team as an intern/stylist/props maker. Fun loving, creative and eager to prove herself in the field. Having her on the job not only means we got extra hands, it means we got an extra creative eye and a feminine touch.

Lisa like every other girl, understands what it is to dream and imagine their fairytale wedding. She knows how every little detail and moments matter and it is all about making it special for the couple and capturing their fairytale in frames.

Do not underestimate Lisa as a girl though! She lies down on floors, goes knee deep in the swimming pool and gets mud on her pants to get a good shot. Quoting Maneka Azalea Faizi apu "Areh ei meye toh serious photographer, chobi tulte jeye kapor chopor shob nongra kore fello." :P